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Specialized Training Courses

Venetis Consulting & Training Services® (formerly known as V.I.P Protection Group) proudly stands as one of Greece's oldest and most esteemed providers of high-standard security training. Since 2002, our company has been delivering comprehensive security training programs to over 15,000 individuals and 200 prominent companies across Greece and Europe.


As a testament to our commitment to security, we ensure that all our instructors possess real-life experience and validated service hours. Our Executive Protection Training Courses are rooted in the esteemed British and Israeli Training Models and Methodology. By integrating relevant topics from the UK's training approach with practical shooting and defensive tactics inspired by Israel, we offer a unique training experience that goes beyond conventional methods. Furthermore, we have developed a non-behavioral course that emerged from real practical situations, providing students with an innovative and unconventional training experience.


Our courses are taught by actual protective specialists and operatives with extensive real-world experience. Our training cadre consists of security experts who have safeguarded some of the world's most renowned celebrities, executives, and dignitaries.

At Venetis Consulting & Training Services®, we place a strong emphasis on a "know-before-you-go" mindset and cultivating a keen sense of situational awareness. Our curriculum empowers you with the ability to anticipate, de-escalate, and navigate life-threatening situations successfully.

Crisis Management


Our Crisis Management Course is a 3-day online course designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively and efficiently manage a crisis. Through this course, you will explore the causal factors that lead to a crisis and gain the skills you need to respond quickly and effectively in order to minimize the damage.

This course will improve your understanding of risk management and help you to understand how to prepare a risk assessment for your organization by correctly assessing and quantifying threats. Also, you will learn how to minimize risk by reviewing current threats to the corporate industry. 

Conflict Management


Our Conflict Management Course is designed to empower security professionals, management, HR, sales, and customer service personnel with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage conflicts. Through our one-day course, you will gain a deep understanding of the principles of conflict management appropriate to your role.

You will learn how to recognize potential conflicts, understand the dynamics of conflicts, use effective communication techniques, and apply strategies and techniques to prevent, manage, and resolve conflicts. You will also learn how to develop and maintain healthy working relationships in a variety of settings. With this knowledge, you will be able to approach conflict with confidence and skill.

Risk Analysis


Our Risk Analysis course provides the necessary tools and methods to identify, assess, and manage potential risks. It is a two-day course that requires approximately three weeks of homework to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the material. During the course, students will learn what risk analysis is, how to perform a risk analysis study, and what the commonly used methods are.

In addition, students will gain an understanding of the various components of a risk analysis process and the techniques used to analyze and prioritize risks. By the end of the course, students will be able to identify, assess, and manage potential risks in their organizations.

International Terrorism and Asymmetric Threats


This is a one-day course addressed to security professionals who want to understand the real source of modern terrorism. Our course dives deep into exploring the differences between liberal and realist approaches, the history of conflicts in the Middle East since 1890, the Imperialism of countries, and modern terrorist organizations and their methods.

Our interactive course will give security professionals the knowledge they need to understand the complexities of modern terrorism. Enroll today to gain the insights you need to stay ahead of the curve.

People's insurgents in urban combat with government forces commandos burning cars and tire

Associated Body Language Expertise


Our Associated Body Language Expertise Course (ABLE) is a one-day course designed to equip security personnel with the skills to develop their observational abilities and proactively assess potential threats. This program was developed in response to the need to educate executive protection officers to recognize suspicious individuals and behaviors. Through this course, participants will be ABLE to understand how body language can be used to identify a possible security risk and take all necessary measures to prevent it.

They will learn how to read body movements, recognize facial expressions, and interpret the overall body language of a person. This course is essential for any security personnel who wish to develop their skills in recognizing and responding to potential threats. The program has been offered since 2008 to casino personnel, law enforcement, governmental and private security personnel in Greece, the UK, the U.S.A, Germany & Cyprus.

Static Security Guards 


Our Static Security Guards Training course is designed to provide Security Guards with the necessary skills to protect the assets of their assigned location. The 3-day course covers topics such as body language recognition, incident reporting, estate, and office security tasks, reactions to cases of attack, monitoring, and counter-tracking, and the methodology of criminal action.

It will also cover topics such as how to perform risk and threat analysis for facilities, how to design a proper security plan, what procedures to follow in case of an attack or bomb threat, how to search facilities and vehicles, check suspicious packages, and how to screen visitors. With our comprehensive training, security guards will be able to provide the highest level of security for their assigned location. 

Video surveillance in a casino. Surveillance camera over the roulette table. People near r

Casino Security


Our Casino Security course is a 4-day course designed to equip security personnel with the essential skills and knowledge needed to protect the casino and its customers. You will learn the basics of body language and emotional control, as well as the video analysis of incidents and monitoring of suspicious movements.

Additionally, you will understand how to organize circles of security into and out of a casino, as well as how to effectively communicate and cooperate with the employees of the casino. Finally, you will also be trained in suspect interview procedures, as well as escort tactics for problematic customers.

Ship Security Officer / Maritime Security

Part Online and Part in Person

Our Ship Security Officer (SSO) training is a comprehensive course designed to meet the requirements of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. Our experienced instructors will deliver the necessary knowledge and skills to enable the SSO to effectively carry out their duties and responsibilities on board the vessel.

We will provide the SSO with the knowledge and skills to ensure the vessel and its crew are kept safe and secure. Our course also covers Personal Security and Anti-Piracy techniques. Upon successful completion of the course, the SSO will receive a Certificate of Competency and will be ready to join the ship and start their duties.

Cargo Ship at Sea_edited.jpg
Businessmen talking on city street. Two colleagues business men walking outdoors on the st

Executive Protection Course

Part Online and Part in Person

Our Executive Protection Training Course is an intensive 12-day program designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to protect high-level executives, celebrities, and dignitaries. Our training cadre is a mixture of security specialists with backgrounds in protecting some of the most prominent figures in the world. The methods taught have been tested in real-life several times and have proven to be among the best materials available in the industry.

Our course covers topics from surveillance detection, close protection, and counter-surveillance to executive risk management and travel safety. With our training, you will gain the confidence and knowledge needed to protect the well-being of your clients.

Casino Dealer

In Person

Our Casino Dealer Course is a 7-week program (30 hours per week) comprehensive course that covers all the essential topics for becoming a successful casino dealer. Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with various casino table games like poker, blackjack, and craps.

The course covers topics such as customer service, game rules and regulations, and card-handling techniques, you will also learn about casinos' requirements for high standards, slide & air cutting, clean hands procedures, knowledge of left-hand/right-hand table layout terminology, changing the dealer, and roulette odds for all the bets pushing stacks. 

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