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If you want to survive in the professional world, you must have an advantage over others. The advantage in your profession is your certified proved knowledge. It is the certified knowledge that makes the difference and gives you the opportunity for a professional career. Venetis Consulting & Training Services® (ex V.I.P Protection Group) is considered as one of the oldest and high standards security training providers in Greece.


Since 2002, Venetis Consulting & Training Services® has offered training on security-related topics to more than 5000 individuals and many big companies in Greece and Europe. We consider security matters very seriously, that’s why we make sure all our members have a real life experience and specific validated service hours.


Our Training Courses are based on the British and Israeli Training Models and Methodology. We succeed in combining part of the UK’s training topic with Israel's practical shooting and defensive tactics. Adding the non-behavioral course which is mandatory and was “born” during real practical situations we give a really special training course for people who want to escape from the stereotype training and learn something new, out of the “box”.


In addition, our courses are taught by real-world protective specialists and operatives.  Our training cadre is a mixture of security specialists with backgrounds in protecting some of the world’s most prominent celebrities, executives and dignitaries.


Our training and curriculum put a huge emphasis on a "know-before-you-go" mentality and sensitive perception with situational awareness. We teach you how to anticipate, de-escalate and escape life-threatening situations.

Specialized Training Courses


Crisis Management


During this 3-days course, you will learn how to respond and address security vulnerabilities in your organization and handle the aftermath of a crisis.


It will improve your understanding of risk management and help you to understand how to prepare a risk assessment of your organization by correctly assessing and quantifying threats. Also, you will learn how to minimize risk by reviewing current threats to the corporate industry.


Don’t’ allow the unexpected to happen to your organization— it is important to be prepared. Explore the causal factors that lead to a crisis and gain the skills you need to respond quickly and effectively in order to minimize the damage. Protect your facility and staff by developing a crisis plan, gathering an emergency response team, and preparing a crisis center. Improve your communication skills when faced with external parties, such as the media.


Asymmetric Threats & International Terrorism


This is a one day course addressed to security professionals who want to understand the real source of modern terrorism.


Some of the topics you will learn:

  • Analyzing the differences between liberal and realist approaches

  • History of conflicts in the Middle East since 1890

  • Conflicts in the Middle East

  • Imperialism of countries

  • Modern terrorist organizations and their methods

  • Meaning of asymmetric threats

  • Conclusions


Casino Security

Part Online/Part Classroom

This is a 4-days course designed for Casino Security personnel. 

Some of the topics you will learn:

  • Basics of body language.

  • Emotional control during an activity on duty.

  • Body language during a conversation.

  • The detection of suspicious and armed persons (Developing the skills of observation).

  • Stress and Its Effect on the activity of duty

  • Observation exercises and tasks to practice, in public places Banks, commercial shops, etc.

  • Development of observation skills.

  • Video analysis of incidents.

  • The observation and monitoring of suspicious movements (Before and during an illegal act).

  • Basic principles of personal security.

  • Organizing circles of security into and out of a casino.

  • Body language signals of an aggressor.

  • The detection and categorization of suspicious and armed persons (Developing the skills of observation).

  • Stress and Its Effect on the activity of duty.

  • Emotional control during an activity on duty.

  • Communication & cooperation between the employees of the Casino.

  • Development of observation skills.

  • Video analysis of incidents.

  • Tactics of escorting out of casino problematic customers.

  • Micro-expressions and how important is to recognize them.

  • Suspect Interview Procedures.

  • Realistic scenarios and solves them Practically (In-House).

  • Written examination via video investigation (It will be tested to know whether and how the participants can recognize a suspicious person).

  • Practice Self-defense -escort tactics for problematic customers.


Casino Dealer


This is a 7-week course (30 hours a week).

Some of the topics you will learn:


  • Casinos Requirements for High Standards    

  • Grooming & House Rules

  • Chipping & Feel of 20

  • Slide & Air Cutting

  • Clean Hands Procedures

  • Knowledge of Left Hand/Right Hand Table

  • Layout Terminology

  • Multiplications Charts Up to 20

  • Changing the Dealer

  • Roulette Odds for all the Bets

  • All the Announcements

  • Pushing Stacks

  • Knowledge of Even Chances, Columns, Dozens

  • Spinning The Ball & No Spins

  • Placing the Dolly

  • Find the Number on a Covered Layout


Conflict Management


This one day course is addressed to professionals who work in the security industry, management, HR, sales, customer services, and to every professional who is in direct interaction with customers. This class will teach you how to manage and deal with "problematic" customers.

Some of the topics you will learn:

  • Understand the principles of conflict management appropriate to their role.

  • Understand how to recognize, assess, and reduce risk in conflict situations.

  • Understand how to communicate in emotive situations and how to de-escalate conflict.

  • Understand how to develop and use problem-solving strategies for resolving conflict.

  • Understand good practice to follow after conflict situations..


Body Language Expertise Course


Associated Body Language Expertise (ABLE) training program Iis a one day course and was developed from the need to educate security personnel on how to develop observational skills and be able to proactively assess a possible threat and take all necessary actions to prevent it from taking place. 


The program started as an effort to educate executive protection officers in identifying suspects who carry concealed guns and later, it was finalized into the casino environment in order to identify suspects that had the tendency to either steal or get involved in illegal actions. Today, it is a program specifically designed for law enforcement casino’s surveillance and security personnel. 


The program has been offered from 2008 successfully to Casino Personnel, Law Enforcement, Governmental and Private Security personnel in Greece, UK, Germany & Cyprus.


Ship Security Officer

Part Online/Part Classroom

With a presence of 18 years in the Maritime Security Training Industry, our company has offered training to more than 400 students. Many of them are successfully working and provide their high standards services to their clients.


Many shipping companies have entrusted us with the conduct of their ship security plans or protection. Just to name a w two well-known shipping companies of Greece—Super-Fast Ferries and Blue Star Ferries have entrusted the training of both their superior officers and their standard staff in our company.

Some of the topics you will learn: 

  • Introduction to ISPS Code.

  • Analyzing Maritime Security Threats. 

  • Duties & Responsibilities of SSO CSO according to ISPS Code.

  • Operating a Ship Security Assessment.

  • Port & Ship Security Plan.

  • Security Verification & Certification for Ports and Vessels.

  • Interaction with different Vessels, Ports & Authorities.

  • Realistic Scenarios, Drills & Exercises on a vessel.

  • Understanding Suspicious Persons & Behaviors/ Body Language. 

  • Practical Protective Measures & Contingency Planning.

  • Anti-piracy procedures & drills.

  • Counter Terrorist Profiling.

  • Dealing with Documents, Records, 

  • Communications & Confidentiality.

  • Dealing with a hostile situation. 

  • Operating Perimeter Security & Access Control.

  • Regulations of ISPS code, chapter 11 (part 2).

  • Analyzing electronic systems on vessels for emergency situations (SSAS and AIS)

αρχείο λήψης.jpg

Risk Analysis


This is a 2-days course plus approximately three weeks of homework (the trainees have to develop a threat assessment and security plan for a real target).

Students will get the knowledge of what risk analysis is, how to perform a risk analysis, and what the commonly used methods are.


​Some of the topics you will learn:

  • Identification of existing security measures and procedures.

  • Identification of potential threats (refers to threat scenarios).

  • Performance of an on-scene security survey.

  • Identification of weakness in both the infrastructure and in the procedure.

  • Analyzing the vulnerability of targets.

  • Analyzing the consequences for each scenario.

  • Analyzing the correlation between consequences and vulnerability. 

Security Guard

Static Security Guards


This is a 3-days course designed for Security Guards.

Some of the topics you will learn:

  • Body language (recognition of suspicious behaviors)

  • Recognition of suspicious vehicles.

  • Personal security.

  • Proper incident reporting.

  • House Safety Tasks.

  • Office Security Tasks.

  • Reactions to Cases of Attack.

  • Monitoring and Counter-tracking.

  • Physical Conditioning.

  • The methodology of criminal action.

  • Risk analysis for facilities.

  • Organizing facility security.

  • Threat assessments for facilities.

  • Security planning for facilities.

  • Procedures on bomb threats.

  • Searching vehicles for IED.

  • Basic principles of personal security,

  • Events security.

  • Checking suspicious packages.

  • Screening.


Executive Protection 

Part Online/Part Classroom

Real-world protective specialists and tactical operatives teach our Executive Protection courses. Our training cadre is a mixture of security specialists with backgrounds in protecting some of the most prominent celebrities, executives and dignitaries. The methods taught at Venetis Consulting & Training Services® have been tested in real-life several times and have proven to be among the best materials available in the industry. 

Some of the training topics you will learn:

  • -Principles of Executive Protection

  • -Solo Protector and in a Detail.

  • -Threat Assessment.

  • -Basic Principles of Personal Security.

  • -Behavioral Intelligence and Attack Recognition.

  • -Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance.

  • -Protective Intelligence and Advanced Operations.

  • -Counter-Terrorism/IED.

  • - Event Security.

  • -Dealing with Media and Paparazzi.

  • -Sentimental Intelligence in the Working Environments.

  • -Aggressive Behavior Management and Engagement Avoidance.

  • -Managing Stress While Working.

  • -Self Defense Techniques for Executive Protection Professionals.

  • -Analyzing Sensitive Points in the Human Body.

  • -First Aid after an Explosion.

  • -Tactics of Entrance and Exit from Vehicle.

For beginners or active executive protection professionals that would like to improve their skills, we suggest a 2-week course (12 days duration).

Additionally, our instructors’ team can design a training course according to your needs

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