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Venetis Consulting & Training Services® operates as a premier Consulting firm and Training provider in Greece.


We provide security consultation in a safe, discreet, and confidential manner to all of our clients during business or vacation trips.



Our mission is to maximize our client’s security and minimize the risk and threat level by offering the security plan that best fits their needs and budget.



We can also offer within 48 hours, operational readiness of a high standard trained professionals with a verified background on armed and unarmed security operations to clients or companies in a variety of tasks within the security sector.

We are not a Security Company 


We provide and suggest professionals to hire and without any commission, we believe that the people who trusted us with their training deserve a help in order to find a good job. In case of cooperation with a client, the operatives will be paid directly by the client for their security services, and our company will be paid only for the consulting and supervision time of the project.


It's something strange about the era but our philosophy is that we don't want to make a profit from other people’s job, especially from graduates.


We also believe that the most valuable “capital” of any company is the company’s employees

And for this reason, we suggest you invest in the most valuable skill of your employees, their knowledge

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